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want a recession-proof marketing strategy?

Get Rexxy Frameworxx™ Playbook: the all-in-one system to design, launch & scale a high-performance affiliate program for your company.

Supercharge sales & brand awareness

Cut your marketing budget up to 50%

Build a highly-motivated organic sales team

Leverage the power of word-of-mouth recommendations from family & friends


Ready to stop wasting time & money on low-converting ads & influencer campaigns? Get a sales & marketing channel that actually *works*!

Rexxy Frameworxx™ is the only all-in-one system designed to set up, design, launch, manage & scale high-growth affiliate programs for companies of all sizes.

Frameworxx™ is the affiliate marketing system we developed while building six-and-seven-figure programs for Enterprise clients. With Playbook, we’ve adapted & optimized Frameworxx™ into a package that is easy, affordable & effective for startups & small businesses.


Want to learn more about building your affiliate program with Frameworxx™ Playbook?

Rexxy Frameworxx™ playbook

Get the complete system for designing, launching & scaling a high-converting affiliate program for your brand.

Module 1: Your Brand & Affiliate Marketing

1.0 Welcome to Rexxy Frameworxx
1.1 Program Overview
1.2 Calendar/Timeline
1.3 About Affiliate Marketing
1.4 Getting Organized
1.5 Brand Identity
1.6 Customer/Affiliate Persona
1.7 Competitive Analysis

Module 2:  Setting Up Your Systems & Assets

2.0 Module 2 Overview
2.1 Email Setup
2.2 Instagram for Your Program
2.3 Affiliate Platform Setup
2.4 Landing Page Design/Setup
2.5 Affiliate Application Page 
2.6 Ambassador Page
2.7 Facebook Group Setup
2.8 Password Manager
2.9 Domain Setup

Module 3: Designing Your Affiliate Program

3.0 Module 3 Overview
3.1 Product List
3.2 Determining Margins
3.3 Commission, Tiers & VIP
3.4 Personal Discount
3.5 Buy-Ins
3.6 Bonus Structure
3.7 Incentivizing Your Affiliates

Module 4: Creating Your Affiliate Onboarding Assets

4.0 Module 4 Overview
4.1 Affiliate Application 
4.2 Application Email
4.3 Welcome Email
4.4 Welcome Kit
4.5 Welcome Video
4.6 Product Education
4.7 Q&A

Module 5: Promoting Your Affiliate Program

5.0 Module 5 Overview
5.1 Launch Plan Design
5.2 Customer Email Outreach
5.3 Social Outreach
5.4 QR Postcards
5.5 Promotional Calendar
5.6 Social Media Coordination

Module 6: Launching Your Affiliate Program

6.0 Module 6 Overview
6.1 Designing Your Launch Plan
6.2 Starting Outreach
6.3 IG Live
6.4 Scheduling Social Media
6.5 Sharking
6.6 Your Competitor’s Followers
6.7 Adding Postcards to Orders
6.8 Code Creation & Linking
6.9 Adding Pop-Ups & Banners

Module 7: Managing Your Affiliate Program

7.0 Module 7 Overview
7.1 Tracking Performance
7.2 Affiliate Payouts
7.3 Under-Performing Affiliates
7.4 Incentivizing Your Affiliates
7.5 High-Performing Affiliates
7.6 Building Content Library

Module 8: Scaling Your Affiliate Program

8.0 Module 8 Overview
8.1 Community Engagement
8.2 Email Newsletters
8.3 Joining Affiliate Groups
8.4 Video Content & Webinars
8.5 New Affiliate Acquisition
8.6 In-Person Events
8.7 Campaigns
8.8 Partnerships



8 WEEKS OF SMALL Group Coaching Calls

  • Weekly small group coaching calls for 8 consecutive weeks
  • Available exclusively to Frameworxx™ members.
  • Listen in, ask questions & get personalized advice for customizing your affiliate program
  • Led by Rexxy affiliate marketing executive team
  • Option to renew your group coaching call membership after 8 weeks


  • 8 weeks of unlimited access to the Frameworxx™ community portal
  • Available exclusively to current Frameworxx™ members
  • Participate in forums, join groups, ask questions & connect with other founders & business owners
  • Explore our library of free resources & get access to special offers for current members
  • Option to renew your community portal membership after 8 weeks



thinking about starting A Frameworxx™ AFFILIATE PROGRAM FOR YOUR COMPANY?

Book a free 30-minute, no-obligation intro call with a Rexxy affiliate marketing expert.

Tell us about your company & let’s discuss if the Frameworxx™ system is right for you!

Our 60-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We believe in our system & we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That’s why we offer a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Complete & implement the Rexxy Frameworxx system and we guarantee your affiliate program will generate revenue & brand lift within 30 days of launch.


If you’re not completely satisfied with the performance of your program, get a FREE 60-minute, private coaching session with the Rexxy Founding Team to troubleshoot your program. If you implement our suggestions and still aren’t satisfied, we will give you a full refund on Rexxy Frameworxx.

Frameworxx™ Affiliate Marketing System

Key Benefits

  • Avoid wasting time & money trying to figure out how to build a high-converting affiliate program on your own
  • Leverage the #1 factor in consumer purchasing decisions: word-of-mouth recommendations from family & friends
  • Implement a powerful way to incentivize & reward your loyal customers for sharing & recommending your brand
  • Utilize a high-performance marketing channel that generates returns for your business month after month
  • Create a steady stream of user-generated content & build relationships with an active community of consumers who love your brand
  • Skip the trap of investing big money into influencer campaigns & social media ads — unreliable & expensive marketing strategies that don’t guarantee conversions

When you complete Rexxy Frameworxx™ Playbook, your company will have:

  • A high-converting affiliate program driving sales and brand lift for your company
  • A fully-functioning affiliate management platform & KPI-tracking system
  • An strategic commission structure that optimizes your product margins and attracts your ideal affiliates
  • A growth strategy with content creation & repurposing tools to continuously promote and scale your program
  • A complete package of in-house affiliate program assets to onboard and engage your affiliates
  • A community management system for maintaining an active, high-converting program month after month
  • A team of affiliates driving sales by consistently sharing your products and posting about your company

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