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Case Studies

Case Studies

Find out why so many brands rely on the Frameworxx™ system to build and scale a revenue-driving affiliate program.

Rexxy Affiliate Marketing Case Studies

Defy Affiliate Program

PRIMARY GOAL: Visibility through social sharing and giving their community a chance to give back. DEFY wanted to keep their affiliate community small and highly exclusive.

  • The Defy program was designed with 3 tiers: Ambassador, VIP Ambassador and MVP Ambassador.
  • We designed the program so that MVP ambassadors could opt to donate earned commissions to a cause of their choice.
  • ALL affiliates were required to make a purchase in order to get accepted into the program.
  • Program achieved a reach of 783k with 45 highly active affiliates in the first 3 months of operation.
  • DEFY was able to secure distribution deals with 2 major sports platforms through their affiliate connections.

Rexxy Affiliate Marketing Case Studies

FitOn Affiliate Program

PRIMARY GOAL: Driving traffic to the fitness app’s new apparel line. FitOn wanted to focus strictly on building a team of organic affiliates/micro-influencers.

  • Rexxy’s affiliate program launch campaign brought in over 280 qualified applications in the first 2 days.
  • Affiliates met minimum criteria for engagement, reach, and audience type.
  • All affiliates were required to make a purchase, generating an additional ~$10,000 in revenue (not including affiliate sales)
  • FitOn’s program grew to over 100 active affiliates with a total reach of 350k+ in the first 2 months of operation.

Rexxy Affiliate Marketing Case Studies

J. Berry Affiliate Program

PRIMARY GOAL: Promoting the launch of their new direct-to-consumer site. They also wanted to drive brand awareness and highlight J. Berry plant-and-flower-lovers from the gardening community.

  • Rexxy built a 2-tiered program for J. Berry determined by the reach of the affiliate.
  • Affiliate program had 200k+ social reach in the first 2 days of program launch and 1M by the end of Week 4.
  • 700% increase in affiliate-generated sales from Month 2 to Month 3.

Rexxy Affiliate Marketing Case Studies

Happy Nuts Affiliate Program

PRIMARY GOAL: Driving user-generated content to promote products and repurpose on social media. Focused on bringing in micro-influencer affiliates as they already had a strong macro-influencer program in place.

  • As of 9/1/2022, the affiliates onboarded into the Happy Nuts affiliate program have a total reach of 340,833+.

Rexxy Affiliate Marketing Case Studies

Seed Bank Affiliate Program

A Rexxy affiliate marketing program for a cannabis seed bank made $170,466 in affiliate-generated revenue in the first month.

  • Over 150 affiliate applications received on DAY ONE of program launch
  • To date, program has maintained over 500 active affiliates, all of whom made a minimum $150 purchase from the brand in order to activate their affiliate account.
  • At just 10% commission, top affiliates in the program are making more than $7,000/month.
  • Affiliate-generated revenue surpassed $170k in the first full month of operations.
  • 3-week contest (first affiliate to generate $10K in new customer sales won $1K cash) generated over $80K in new customer sales

Rexxy Affiliate Marketing Case Studies

Gut Supplement Affiliate Program

A gut supplement company coordinated their official brand launch with the launch of their Rexxy affiliate program, boosting organic marketing and mentions on social media.

  • Over $10K in affiliate-generated revenue in the first 2 weeks of company launch, WITH ZERO AD SPEND!
  • Over 75 registered qualified affiliates pre-launch before the product was even available for purchase
  • Over 150 shared social posts in the first 48 hours after launch
  • An incredible 67% of affiliates who shared the product on social media generated at least one sale for the brand

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